[When I've Money I am Merry] A Lilt

When I’ve money I am merry
When I’ve none I’m very sad
When I’m sober I am civil
When I’m drunk I’m roaring mad.

Tum a tite tal tidel tum
Likewise fol lol fidel fum
Not forgetting tither um eye
And likewise twidel didel dum.

When I’m disputing with a puppy
I convince him with a rap
When I’m romping with a girl
By accident I tear her cap.

Gadzooks says I I’ll never marry
I’m a lad that’s bold and free
Yet I love a pretty girl
A pretty girl is fond of me.

There’s a maiden in the corner
Round and sound and plump and fat
She and I made love together
But no matter sir for that.

And if that she proves unbarren
As I do suppose she’ll be
Like good pappy I must learn
To dandle jockey on my knee.

Song Text Source: 

Phillips Manuscript supplemented by the recording

Gordon, Robert Winslow, 1888-1961
Location Recorded: 
Akeley, Hubbard County , MN
Date Recorded: 
September, 1924
Track Duration (h:m:s): 
Original Medium: 
wax cylinder
American Folklife Center, Library of Congress
Call Number/Physical Location: 
AFS 19010A: G52 Misc 083

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