The Minnesota Folksong Challenge

Buddy Ferrari singing a song from the collection
The Minnesota Folksong Challenge is your chance to get involved in reviving the folksong heritage of Minnesota.

Engage with the songs that are part of the Minnesota Folksong Collection and bring them to life... by singing them!

Sing in the solo, unaccompanied style of the old north woods singers themselves or get creative and make the songs your own.

How it works:

  • Learn a song from the Minnesota Folksong Collection
  • Make a video of yourself (and any collaborators) performing the song
  • Upload the video to Youtube or Vimeo. (Email us if you have a video and need help uploading)
  • Email a link to your video to Include your name, names of any other performers involved and the city you live in.

Song videos will be posted to the Minnesota Folksong Challenge page.

Tips to Get Started: