[Backwoodsman] A Little Remisence

It was in the year eighteen hundred and ninety-five
I had the sad misfortune to find myself alive
I harnessed up my horses my labor to pursue
To go to hauling wood as I once used to do.

I hadn’t hauled but one load instead of hauling four
I stopped so long in crossing town I couldn’t haul no more
The bars they being open and good liquor running free
As soon as one glass emptied another’s filled for me.

I shouldered my saddle I went unto the barn
I saddled up old gray never thinkin’ any harm
I saddled up old gray and I rode away so still
That I never knew a thing till I came to crosing [sic] hill.

There I met an old companion his name I dare not tell
He told me that night where the ball was to be held
It was then he persuaded and with him I did agree
For to go that night where the fiddle was to be.

We mounted our horses and road unto the hall
And there we were invited to a nice civil ball
We had not been there full an hour in advance
When four and twenty couple[s] were on the floor to dance.

I went unto my true love and I led her on the floor
Behold such a beauty you never saw before
The fiddler being willing and his arm being strong
Played the “Grounds of Old Ireland” for four hours long.

“My father he pursued me” I’ve often heard them say
He must’ve had a pilot or he’d never found the way
He peeked in every window where ere he saw a light
Till his locks they were white with the frosts of the night.

The day star arose and we had danced enough
We spent a half an hour or so in gathering cash for Cuff
And now we will go home boys we’ll whistle and we’ll sing
And we never will be caught out in such a scrape again.

Now come all ye young and old folks that carry news about
Don’t make it any worse than it is its bad enough without
Come all ye young and old folks that would to make a fuss
I presume you’ve been in the same scrape if not a good deal worse.

Song Text Source: 

Phillips Manuscript supplemented by the recording

Gordon, Robert Winslow, 1888-1961
Date Recorded: 
September, 1924
Track Duration (h:m:s): 
Original Medium: 
wax cylinder
American Folklife Center, Library of Congress
Call Number/Physical Location: 
AFS 19011A: G93 Misc 161a

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